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    Nov 2008

    Dwight Howard snubs ORL reporter

    This is from last week, but just saw it today..thought I'd pass it along

    Not sure if this got much play in ORL as I live in NY but Dwight Howard refuses to answer Dave Pingalore's questions during post game in LA.

    Was a huge fan of Dwight's like all of us during his tenure here in ORL, with the exception of that last season but this guy really needs to grow up. Be a pro and answer the questions, didn't see what was wrong with the questions being asked.

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    Yeah. This is from a while ago.

    1. It's Pingalore, who is as annoying as it gets. He made up a lot of "news" last year. Heavily involved in spreading iffy news on both SVG v Dwight and Dwight's trade demands. He's pretty terrible at his job.

    I actually am not gonna bash Dwight for this.
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    Nov 2008
    I know of a lot of reports he came out with about trades that are usually inaccurate, he never was a person who I trusted his sources

    That being said, I've always said Dwight didn't realize how good he had it (fan and media wise) in Orlando. If he gets annoyed with little things like that he would of gotten eaten alive in NY

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    Sep 2008
    Great story
    My New York Giants offseason checklist:
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    Terrelle Pryor [ ] Ju’Wan James [ ]
    Kyle Fuller [ x] Anthony Hitchens [x ]
    TJ Carrie [ ] Zach Brown[ ]
    Jeremy Hill[ ]

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    I rarely back up Dwight, but Ping is a fool. He's the one who said we were about to land Chris Paul. After that debacle, I swore I'd devote my life to making his miserable. Hasn't worked out well for me thus far, but this is a step in the right direction.
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    No. More. Dwight. Threads.

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