Now that we have actually seen him play in the NBA what are your takes on his potential and abilities? What's surprised you?

My view on him is that he looks like he is going to be what everyone was hoping Bargnani would be as a center when he first came into the league.

He has a developing low post and nice form on his jump shot. I don't think he willb become a 3pt shooter but I see him being very effective with the 17-18' jumper. Also seems more in control with his ball handling on short drives then Bargs. One thing thats surprised me is his passing, has some court awareness and knows when to pass out. Personally think he should be getting the ball more on the offensive end but it seems like with each passing game they are giving it to him less and less.

Defensively, I don't really see the defensive/rebounding juggernaut that people were hoping for. I see the potential for him to be very good in this area but not necesarily all-defensive team.