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The reason I think Megatron is the best nickname today. Is because it just fits Calvin Johnson so perfectly. The dude is not a human being, he's a machine. The dude flat out looks like a machine on the field too. He's got the swagger and is in no question the greatest wide receiver we've seen since a prime Randy Moss.

If I could pick any nickname in the Nfl it'd be Megatron no doubt.

My 3 greatest Wide Receivers ever:

Jerry Rice
Randy Moss
Calvin Johnson- assuming he keeps up this pace, guy's having a down year and it's still a record breaking season. I can't even imagine if Tom Brady was throwing to him. Some people may say that the system would make Calvin's numbers go down, but like Randy Moss was, if you're tall, can run and jump. The Patriots system would go back to 07 style and Tom would hit Calvin every time. New touchdown record for QB and WR, that probably wouldn't ever be touched.

I swear as if you guys can't already tell I'm getting off just thinking about Megatron
No Tim Brown, huh?