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    Big trade thoughts if Bynum never plays?

    So revisiting the Bynum trade...let's just pretend Bynum either never plays for the 76ers, or only played a handful of games and was ineffective/still somewhat hurt. I don't think this will happen as I think the 76ers will re-sign him regardless at season's end since he's their investment. But what would be your thoughts in the end if we essentially gave up Iguodala, Harkless, Vuc, and a 1st and got J-Rich and cap relief in return? I'd still be a fan since I thought we needed to move on from Iggy, Vuc isn't showing me much (just grabbing rebs because he plays a lot at C on a not-so-good team), and Harkless is the wild card. But to me, the cap relief and Turner and Holiday breaking out (which we DREAMED UP) makes it worth it.

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    So so true. Team defense was supposedly going to fall apart if iggy left. Nooooottttt!!!!
    Pay attention. You might learn something.

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    We have like two other threads on this, just post in one of them

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