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Keep laughing clown.

IF- you bothered looking at any of the very few posts I've made, I stated quite clearly that I did not think Grienke was worth his asking price. Greinke is not at issue IMO.

Spoiled brats? Really? After 40 years? I have been to many, many Ranger games starting at age 6 when Frank Howard was with the team. So waiting 40 years for a legitimate contender is hardly spoiled. Waiting and supporting a team for 40 years is hardly spoiled.

WS twice in a row nearly impossible? It is? Perhaps you overlooked the

The 10 teams that have won back-to-back World Series such as the
Toronto Blue Jays (1992-93), New York Yankees (1977-78), Cincinnati Reds (1975-76), New York Yankees (1961-62), Philadelphia A's (1929-1930), New York Yankees (1927-28), New York Giants (1921-22), Boston Red Sox (1915-16), Philadelphia A's (1910-11), and Chicago Cubs (1907-08).

That would be 10 teams which is just under 30 % of the teams which comprise today's MLB.

Do you fact check or just spew stupid?

Then again most presumption is typically based upon arrogance or stupidity- which it appears you qualify on both accounts.

I apologize to the other posters but I didn't know Bozo the Clown posted on these boards....

Just wow....
Only CC is making more money than grenkie as far as pitchers go right now, its overkill why do u think no1 could compete in the grenkie sweepstakes that is like trying to outbid the yankkes in the early to mid 2000's get real dude, the guy is right your all a little spoiled.