So i'm watching the game yesterday and I noticed this 1 player for multiple weeks not just seems to always be in the wrong place and overall just sucks. True he might be a backup but he should be improving every week but instead seems to suck more every week. There was a guy on PSD who tried to defend his horrid play by stating that PFF had him as the best cover guy on the team. Well me I call BS on the PFF analysis of this ragidy scrub, Danny McCray is posibly the worst football player in the NFL. This guy is slow as a broke back snail and every play seems to takes the worst angles on plays. When he does take the right angle he then misses the tackle and slide across the field and then yesterday he specialized in hitting our players instead of the Bengals. Personally after this season I never want to see him in a cowboy uniform and I don't care if he is suppose to be good on ST