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    parts unknown


    This debate doesn't sound interesting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raps08-09 Champ View Post
    My dick is named 'Ewing'.

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    id go engineering.

    doctors are important, but it just seems like tons of medicine is around treating people rather than curing people. or in other words, making money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torocan View Post
    On a larger societal basis, Engineering.

    Societal advancement and prosperity is very much the product of engineering. Whether that's irrigation canals, dams, the Wheel or electrical power plants, engineering is what drives societal progression and wealth.

    On an individual basis, Medicine. Most people would choose health over conveniences. Medicine allows people to live longer lives, and lives with fewer debilitating conditions, less subject to the consequences and pain associated with illness.

    While wiping out Polio or discovering penicillin is great, the Human race still invented technologies like the wheel, irrigation, and construction, built tremendous empires, and mastered the four corners of the earth despite living shorter lifespans ravaged by plagues, diseases and malnutrition.
    Good post.

    Quote Originally Posted by lakers4sho View Post
    I loathe math.

    Quote Originally Posted by ewing View Post
    This debate doesn't sound interesting

    Quote Originally Posted by rhymeratic View Post
    Shoot I'd even put up Glen Rice and Mitch Richmond in their prime at or slightly better than James. Even Glenn Robinson who is a forgotten beast.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMeOrHateMe View Post
    Kobe GOAT LOL
    ^Finally got one.

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    Ready for an unpopular opinion? I think we're almost getting too advanced with medicine. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of living over 100 years, but it's irresponsible of us as a species. By doing this we're creating a population that's completely unsustainable. This planet isn't made to support 7 billion people, and that number is just growing. Though individually it would suck, we'd be better off as a species if nobody lived past 60. Ironically what is keeping us alive might also doom our species and our planet.

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