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    Are the Dodgers now the team to beat in the West?

    I would say no. I think the Giants since they are the World Series winners last season. Even though it pains me to say that. Well I think with all the salary and newly signed pitching to the Dodgers starting rotation might have just as much pressure to win. I don't think the team is done with their roster. I still see a couple more free agent signees. Maybe not major ones, but bench or a starting infielder possible. Or even a couple trades. I know The Dodgers front are gearing up to win this coming season. Specially with In recent years, there have been talk about the Angeles being the team in Los Angeles. Then having a rival up north win the series. I know Magic wants it bad, I know Dodgers fan want it just as bad to. 1988 has been to long. I feel like its going to be are year this coming season. Lets go Dodgers. Can't wait till the season starts.
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