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    Nope, just remember getting laughed at when I said Pitt wouldn't make it to the playoffs.

    The ONLY hashtag that even matters now...

    #15Points, #Steamrolled, #NotEvenCapable, #SeasonsOver, #WellDeserved, #YouWon’tBeatATL, #YouWon’tBeatMIN, #YouWon’tBeatNE, #Blowout, #Classless, #Trash, #7YearsAway, #Can’tRun, #Overrated, #BulletinBoard, #StoryTime, #Underdogs, #Snoozefest, #LeakedParade, #NotInTheSameUniverse

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    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    Nope, just remember getting laughed at when I said Pitt wouldn't make it to the playoffs.
    To be fair, you may have said that before they dropped to their 3rd string right tackle, backup right guard starting at left guard, and started their 4th and 5th corners one week, 5th and 6th the next.

    Injuries killed them this season but I'm not making an excuse saying they were freak injuries and bad luck. Happens every year, they obviously need to make a change and hire a new strength and conditioning staff or something. I can't remember a year when more than one offensive lineman made it through the entire season. It's far beyond dumb luck. This team needs to change something.

    Quote Originally Posted by NormSizedMidget View Post
    Seemed obvious to me he was just joking around but you assumed he "hated" your team. He's clearly and Eagles fan. They have tons of animosity? You and a few others here always assume it's hate when anyone says anything about the Steelers.
    To Norm: It's mostly you and your incorrect, outdated analysis of Roethlisberger and dislike of Tomlin based on your perception of his public persona contrasted to what you claim is his true personality.

    That, and when people say "Steelers suck," that's not a far off conclusion but their reasons are usually pretty stupid and incorrect.

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