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Jonas a C - we didn't have one

Ross an athletic wing - a shooter - SG/SF - we didn't have one.

filling needs.
Jonas was BPA, while we didn't have a legit C, we certainly had more big men than guards. Most people on here wanted Kemba or Knight; PG was the general consensus as our "need", more so than another big man.

DeRozan isn't an "athletic wing" ? And Ross is a SG, not a SF. Drafting Ross wasn't filling a positional need.

We keep drafting PFs, when we have plenty. Ed Davis was drafted because we thought he was the BPA, not because we needed another PF.

We've needed a SF for a long time, yet when was the last time we drafted one? Joey Graham? (who was like 8 years ago, before Colangelo anyways).

I can't think of a single time we've drafted for need and not BPA.