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the way i see it, they're going to stick to the formula that's been so successful the past two seasons. Get a lead, play defense, run the ball, slowly and methodically incorporate the passing game and throw short-medium passes, but mainly control the tempo of the game. It's what we saw with Alex, and it's what we saw with Kaepernick. Yeah, the "sexy" and appealing play to the fans is to take more shots, go for it all, etc. But when you have a running game/power attack like SF has and a defense like that, just play to win and no need to go for the highlight reel. It worked last year and it's been working this year. Harbaugh knows the fans are going to want the big plays, but no need to call those when what's been working is continuing to work.
Yeah, I know. But, when we get behind, that's when that playcalling bites us in the ***. Also, when we get the lead, we take our foot off the gas and that sometimes bites us in the *** too. So frustrating. Get the lead, step on their throat, ride out the win. That's my motto