Its irrational and emotional becasue you dont agree...ok, thats a new one..
Stork, you continue to say we need to build through the draft, which IS important ,but only half the equation, the other is good FA signings and a Good FA has nothing to do with age, or cost, it is all about PRODUCTION.

Romanowski, woodson, rice,gannon were old as well, but came through, as did Plunkett.

You dont know anymore then I do how Urlacher will perform if he plays at all next season.
He was still playing three downs for the Bears this season who are ranked 5th in the league in defense, 11th against the run if you want to focus on his primary reponsibility

and Cooley, who was my first TE option i talked about has more yardage and more TD is every year he wasnt injured except one.
Meyers 4 TDs is paltry considering the role he plays. In the redzone, without size, or speed he is a non factor.