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He's been above 60% passer over his last 8 games. Too many people are judging him on that 4 game stretch when his completion % was under 50%.

Turnovers are tricky and sometimes they just happen. It's the stupid turnovers that he has to cut down on. A good coach can help with that.

Today's fumble was caused by him getting hit in the back while looking to pass. That happens, and you're going to have at least 5 or more of those every year. Every team does, and they're a fact of life. Fumbles in the open field are absolutely unacceptable, and he's had too many of those.

I was watching Jets' game plan on SNY earlier in the year and Cavanugh was talking about the drop back routine he has the guys do. He has them use a 7 step drop. That's 2 more steps than most QB's take in a passing offense.

That means that before Sanchez can even get set and start looking down the field, he's given the defense almost 3 seconds to start their rush. If you've got a good run game or dominant O-Line, that might work. Today, he was rolling out more. That will help him buy time when there's pressure. I've been suggesting they do that with him all year.

Today's fumble actually pissed me off not because it was a bone head play, but because the way things have been going for Sanchez and this team, a play like that can cause a total downward spiral.

The fact that Sanchez's stats were not great bothered me, but the play calling was ultra conservative, and I guess you can get away with that against a bad team. Against Tennessee, the game plan is going to have to be more aggressive or the Jets could lose.

People say they want him to be smart with the ball. So do I. Stupid plays are not acceptable, and Sanchez has made too many of them in his career.

Then when he is safe with the ball, those same people say his numbers weren't impressive enough. The guy's confidence has to be shot, so a conservative game plan to give him low risk passes was probably best.

He made a perfect pass for 37 yards late in the game when the team desperately needed him to air it out. I haven't seen you or any other anti-Sanchez guys acknowledge that. If he didn't make that throw, you guys would have been lighting up the thread with your venom. When he does succeed, it's..."oh great, one pass. Big Deal. Any other QB makes that throw every time."

You are right. An elite WR can't make a bad QB good. A good offensive system with good WR's can make a guy like Matt Cassell look like a pro bowler though.

Since Sanchez is here for another year, wouldn't it be nice to see what he could look like with a better scheme and a couple of good WR's. They should also get a viable backup in the offseason who can step in if Sanchez can't be what we need him to be. We had one this year, then Woody went for headline with Tebow.
Hmm pretty sure I said nice throw..And ive never said sanchez cant make those throws. What I do say is most times he does not.

Sanchez will get his real shot next year. Im sure the Jets will get some offensive help in the offseason.

Jets owe it to sanchez and themselves to see if Sanchez can be more than a game manager.

If all sanchez can be is Alex Smith light then I say kick rocks... jets dont need that.