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To me the most glaring inefficiencies in the death penalty system are its excessive costs and the propensity to execute an innocent person.

To that end my plan would be threefold.

The first step is to leave it up to the states as to whether they want the death penalty, as it should be a state issue.

The second step would be to make it so that any state that does allow death penalties must meet the criteria set forth below:

A) That the act was premeditated.

B That the same person committed multiple murders and that the murders were callous or heinous in nature.

C) There is indisputable video evidence of the person committing the murder or

D) If Lack of video evidence is available there must be an overwhelming number of eyewitnesses that witnessed the murders. (NOTE: The exact number needed to obtain an overwhelming amount I'm still unsure about, but I'd envisioned over 5)

The third and final step to my plan is to minimize the costs and amount of appeals a person who has met all the above criterias is allowed, so long as it doesn't conflict with rights guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights.

That way there is absolutely 0% chance that an innocent man is executed and it greatly reduces the costs associated with the act while still leaving it up to the States.
5 eyewitnesses could finger the same guy and get it wrong. Never mind the cognitive issues that go ino poor memory(I give a 45 minute lecture on this when I am talks about memory in my cog psych class), but you have to understand the prosecution is likely to put forth those that support thir case but not harm it (I know they are not "allowed" to do that, but they do).

The death penalty serves no real function in our society. It's time we joined the human race and get rid of the archaic punishment.