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What do lawyers working for profit (this is only defense attorneys not prosecutors) and prisons being for profit have to do with the death penalty? How would this effect any justice regarding the death penalty.

This was a shot at capitalism/corporatism for no apparent reason (and I'm saying this as someone opposed to the death penalty)
Because when there is a profit motivation, then you can expect for innocent people to pay the price for actions they did not commit, on a regular basis. You can expect mistakes to be made in any system, but in this particular system you can expect them to be made with much regularity.

I could be mistaken, but prosecuters keep a win loss record, and their demand (aka salary) will be based on this win loss record, and the higher the wins the higher the satisfaction of the da. Which essentially boils down to a lawyer for profit scenario. Is this right?

Its not a shot for no reason, its a shot with the reason being that I do not believe the judicial system should be run by the same capital incentive as a business.