1. Moneyball: You’ve been hearing a lot about how the Jets are stuck with QB Mark Sanchez for 2013 because of his contract. Here’s an explanation on why that likely is the case:

Sanchez's salary-cap number for next season is $12.8 million. If the Jets cut him, they will incur a crippling $17.1 million cap charge in 2013, according to figures obtained by That bloated charge would include his $8.25 million salary guarantee. There’s no off-set in the contract, meaning the Jets are on the hook for the entire salary regardless of how much he receives from another team. They could designate him as a June 1 cut. That would spread the cap charge over two seasons -- $12.35 million in ’13 and $4.8 million in ’14. Bottom line: He’s uncuttable.

If the Jets trade Sanchez, they’d get hit with an $8.9 million cap charge in ’13, but no team in its right mind would pick up the $8.25 million guarantee. They could renegotiate the contract, the way the Rams did with OT Jason Smith before trading him to the Jets. But that still would require the Jets to pay a large chunk of the $8.25 million guarantee – and that would count on the ’13 cap. Even if another team is willing to pay half -- I'm being generous -- the Jets still would get stuck with about $13 million in “dead” money – and they’d have to write him a $4 million-plus check to go away.

Unless Sanchez is willing to make some concessions – maybe he’ll be desperate for a change of scenery – it looks like he’ll be back in 2013. We might not be able to say the same for the people who thought it was a wise move to renegotiate his contract last offseason.

Also, for those that were talking Bill Polian:

Hot seat: I honestly don’t know what will happen with embattled GM Mike Tannenbaum after the season, but the buzz in NFL circles is that his job is in jeopardy. I’m also hearing that former Colts GM Bill Polian, now an ESPN analyst, could be headed to the Chiefs.