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    Quote Originally Posted by fanofclendennon View Post

    After the Reyes debacle it became painfully clear the priority was not to bring in the best players they could. Contrary to how Reyes' contract has been lampooned in here, it was very affordable and should have been matched.

    It also wouldn't have killed them to bid on Carlos Beltran for another two seasons knowing we had zero outfielders. But they weren't going to bid on Beltran when the object of the game was to stockpile APHs.
    Other than the obvious talent loss of Reyes/Beltran; the most glaring result was that we lost any RHP/LHP balance offensively...we lost 2 switch hitters, that hit LHP as well, if not better than RHP...and in their absence, the lineup has become either extremely lefty that can't hit LHP with a few Righties that don't do as well against RHP...and even with the loss of Pagan (who wasn't the most useful RH batter) we lost another switch can't platoon the entire team, although Terry would probably try to find a way, I'm sure Dickey could play some infield when a LHP pitches on his non-pitching days...
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