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    How is there any hope ?

    I don't know where to put this in order to get a discussion going.Feel free to move it if you want but just let me know where you did.

    The Phillies got better with Revere and Young, ( do not underestimate Michael Young, he is going to have a very positive influence there), and Halladay is back full time.

    The Nats got better with Haran and Span, plus Strasburg will be there for the entire season and Harper will have a full year under his belt. If Haran reverts back to form, the Nats with Strassberg, Gonzalez, Zimmerman and Haran could have the best rotation in baseball.

    The Braves got better with Upton and added to their bullpen which was among the very best.

    The Marlins got worse.

    So far the Mets stayed the same with the exception I guess that Harvey will be here for the entire year and hopefully Gee and Santana.

    We have the worst OF in the majors and judging what is out there and the lack of money we have no matter who we sign or trade for will mark only a very small improvement. Add this to the fact that there is no one in the minors who is remotely ready to contribute.

    So as Met fans we go into the season with virtually no hope of appearing in the post season and probably set for another 4th place finish again. In addition to the Phillies, Nats and Braves, The Reds, Cards, Dodgers, Giants, Diamondbacks and possibly the Pirates are all better than us.

    Is there anyone who realistically, and I mean realistically can change this outlook.
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