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I think the conclusion nihilists draw are just absolutely nuts, but the premises are decent an i subscribe at least partly to them.

Meaning and purpose of life, The only objective purpose is to reproduce to keep live going. Everything else is meaning we try to attribute to life, either through religion or philosophy, therefor there is no real objective purpose or meaning of live.

Morals exist but they are no natural laws, they emerged out of necessity, social creatures need something that governs social interaction and societies need a moral base to stand upon (agreeable behavior of individuals in a group context). But Morals change depending on the times and societies. It's also a learned trait no one is born with morals.

Reality doesn't exist. Our perception distorts "reality", but since we have only our perception we have to assume that this is reality.
Yea I dont necessarily agree with everything, but I think your post is spot on. Some may think theyve found a meaning, but imo on a grand scale its meaningless.