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    Dodgers close to signing Greinke

    saw it on mlbtraderumors

    Great news for the Mets. Also says the Rangers have been informed he won't be signing with them. This could lead to them overpaying for Dickey. We might be able to get Olt plus more if this happens....

    What do you guys think would be a fair proposal between the Mets and Rangers?

    Here's a link from ESPN since i can't post the other link.

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    The Boogie Down
    It is being discussed on the Dickey thread already.

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    Born in Brooklyn, New Jersey now.

    IT'S OFFOCIAL: Dodgers to sign Greinke

    Let the shouting begin. I only hope this means a good deal with Texas with Olt and Leonys Martin coming to Queens
    Former B'klyn Dodger fan. Mets Maniac since 1962.

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