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Great and often underlooked point. It has absolutely helped give us a higher standard of living than anywhere else in the world. However I'd argue that we don't have to sacrifice our high standard of living to change it. There are certainly ways around everything.

For intance the Saudis are easily bought, so keep giving them money to keep oil prices aritifically low, and take out the military aspect of it. Force companies like apple and every one that outsources that it is illegal to use child labor, and make their only option bringing jobs back here. I'm giving some bland alternatives, but you get the idea.
The benefits the Saudis give us is due to our world cop role. A rich nation that have a smaller population then Iraq and Iran ( a old enemy with a different sect of Islam). They feared Iraq so much during the first gulf war, that they allow US troops in their county. A action that cause them internal problems and a bigger problem for the US in the form of Osoma's Al-Quada. The naval fleet sitting in their gulf is for them as well us. You can add Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman to the list of countries that like having the US navy in the persian gulf. Also add Europe and Japan to that list.

If another superpower was able to supersede us as world cop, they will quickly give them those benefits we enjoy to maintain the peace on the Persian waters. Good-bye cheap oil. Some much of our needs and goods are shipped, flow or driven from somewhere else that higher gas cost would mean a higher cost of living.

How would you force a company not to use slave or children to manufacture their products? Raising the salaries over there would be reflected in our prices here. We killed our manufacture sector so we can get cheapier things and higher profit. I just don't see american biting themselves in the arse financally to support a cause million miles from home. Hell, we can't hardly do that for each other. We have groups here who wouldn't cut the waste out of our defense budget to feed, clothes, educate others americans. Try asking them to paid more for things to uplift foreign workers.