I was watching A football life earlier this week about Barry Sanders, one of the best running backs of all time and a running back who could have surpassed Walter Paytons record if he did not walk away to soon. I told myself that it seems like Adrian is in the same situation with the Vikings, great person, great running back, class guy, but what is he getting for it? He is leading a whole team on his back with no deep threat, no quarterback that can lead the offense from behind, and a situation that has been like that for what? Since he was drafted (well earlier than that but we didnt have a franchise guy since Randy Moss).

So my question is will the Minnesota Vikings help Adrian Peterson? Or will the Vikings front office do to Peterson what the Lions front office did to Barry Sanders? And that is NOTHING. A great player getting nothing in return and that is not the way to go. You dont want Adrian to be remembered as the guy in the NFC championship game that fumbled the ball 4-5 times, he has been working harder than ever to get back from the injury and he has fixed the fumbling problems and what has he gotten in return? Other than a massive contract which deserves but around him though? Nothing.

So I just wanted to get that out of the way, because after watching a football life on the NFL network it just got me thinking that the vikings need to get off their ***** and work hard to get what Peterson needs around him so he can get that Super Bowl.