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Thread: 2013 Dead Pool

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    If Debo wants to take the time to run it, have at it. Debo it's yours if you want it. Let me know and i'll close this, and you can start a new thread with the rules etc. Now people will need to PM them to you then all at once you announce them so people can't copy off other's lists. Of course in honor of YNH we are trusting you that you will make your list prior to that of someone else making a list. In the interest of fairness maybe you and I PM each other our lists at the same time and thus we both know you and I are being fair and whatnot.

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    I think Debo meant he was picking himself on his list, not to run it. Baller's the only one who's actually said he might do it, I'm pretty sure.

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    db75 Guest
    lol, yeah I'm not asking to run this ****. Driven had a dream that I'd die and was poking fun at the unexpected points to be had with my imminent death.

    If Baller wants to do it, let him go for it. If not and we don't have someone not named Riv to do it by Friday, I'll do it for the sake of humanity continuing to be lost on this forum.

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    2013 is the year of Stan Lee
    Quote Originally Posted by CubbieSteve View Post
    Squibble Squabble

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