I read this and couldn't help note that here was a player we loved. Tough as Nails, sure, but I always admired him as someone who always fought hard to play above any expectations of him.

I saw him in his major league debut and laughed. This was a major leaguer? This stump of a human being? I stopped laughing when his 5-foot-8-inch nothing of an athlete managed to line a pitch just over the right field foul line for a home run in his second major league at bat.

But even then i was sure it was a fluke. Lenny Dykstra, I was sure, was no major league player. We were wasting our time with him.

But he was and we weren't. Indeed, not only was he a major league player but he was a damned good one at that. No other Met in team history -- Donn Clendenon, Gary Carter, Darryl Strawberry, or even Mike Piazza -- has hit more home runs in the post season than Lenny Dykstra.

It never occurred to me that this exciting player, one of my all time Met favorites, was a POS as a person. Who knew?