As I'm sure we all know, after his final season with the Bulls, he was released from that team as they moved forward with a rebuilding project. He signed with the Lakers and while he did shoot a career low in FG%, he was very effective on the boards for the few games that he did play. He was waived however, and the following season ended up in Dallas where he again, shot at a low percentage but was rebounding the ball very well. He was again waived after a short time, and with Dallas I understand a little better, as he was ejected a couple of times, but, I never really heard any specific stories about why these two tenures were so short. Rodman was still rebounding the ball very well and playing defence. Does anybody know the reason why Rodman had such short tenures with the Lakers and the Mavs? I honestly feel, at least with the Lakers squad, that had Rodman been around for the post season, they could have won it that season.