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This is something i've thought about quite a bit recently. Being a Knick fan magnifies it to the tenth degree. The only thing i can think of is he (in a way) brings it on himself by forcing contact against triple teams. The refs notice that and he has a reputation for it.

Clyde was saying something on one of the broadcasts about how its tough for 'Melo to play gritty on-ball defense, because he doesn't have a reputation for it. Refs won't give him the benefit of the doubt that they might give to a Shane Battier or even Kobe, Lebron, etc. He has to re-imagine himself and the refs have to take notice. He's done a great job so-far, now he needs to see it through. It bodes well that we are solidifying the reputation of a gritty defensive team.

After the Memphis game, 'Melo said he's done harping on the lack of calls. Since then, i've seen him stop complaining to the refs, and pass out of those triple and double teams a heck of a lot more. I don't know if its a change in his on-court morality, or if its the fact that we have better shooters now.. But i like this 'Melo. I can live with a couple bad shots now and again if he does all these other things.
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