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    Quote Originally Posted by Saddler The Gr8 View Post
    they arent mutually exclusive. both points are right, but I think it was a little bit more of TMath's point. alot of teams were garbage offensively last year with the lockout taking up training camp
    ya there truth to all of these things. but there looks to be another ingredient. something has changed in that locker room. whether it's the lack of vets, or something is causing the team to tune Casey out, it doesn't look like they are buying in defensively like they did last year at all.

    they shouldn't have changed their style of play although i understand why they did. if you're going to make Lowry and Derozan your primary options you should be playing the guys that best compliment that style of play even if it disappoints the holdovers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nycericanguy View Post
    well unfortunately it looks like you were right about Bargs...

    but hopefully we can use his expiring, if not at least we unloaded Novak's deal...

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