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wow dude... he is just pointing out what happened... no need to go postal...

You and Crooner don't need to constantly defend Pau... it isn't that Pau sucks or isn't any good anymore... its simple... his skills as a 4 are not a fit for Dantoni's system.

He needs to be playing Center for someone else so he can go back to his natural position. The idea that he would be successful in a line up with a 5 who only plays in the post is naive and quite frankly borderline idiotic. This has been the case the last 3 years.

This problem is compounded by hiring a guy like Dandouche who only wants to speed up the game... Pau's skills don't fit and he is the best trade option the Lakers have to improve the team because the FO didn't finish the job this summer by going out and getting more young bodies... how good would blatche be for us if we had signed him? How easy would that make it to trade a guy like Hill for some pieces?

Again, the primary blame for the current fiasco resides in the FO for

1. Not getting the right roster
2. Hiring TWO morons to coach the team

Do i think things will change? Nope, because Jimbaco doesn't have the balls to do what really needs to happen. What is that you ask... simple and it has even been proffered by Crooner at different times and i totally agree...


1. Sit down with Dwight and tell him this is HIS team and that major changes are coming

2. Trade Pau for expirings to someone like Milwaukee wherein we get a first and the corresponding $19 million for Pau is off the books at the end of this season

3. Trade Artest and a second for an expiring or trade exception this year

4. Trade Nash for an expiring and a first round pick (someone will do it)


6. Resign D12

7. Sign CP3

8. Fill roster out with Dantoni type players on one year deals

9. Pick up another star via trade in 2013/2014 or wait for 2014 FA market

Bottom line... unless Mitch has a couple of miracles up his sleeve there is no way we are competing this year as the roster is currently configured.
This is a solid argument for blowing up the team now as a means of ensuring that D12 sticks around. And I have to say that I agree with the unstated premise: keeping D12 in the future is more important to the franchise than making Kobe happy in the present.


I don't necessarily assume that the two are mutually exclusive. One of the things that bothers me about piling on Pau is that he's clearly not being used to advantage. The argument is that D'Antoni will never do that because of his system, but I don't buy that argument -- or at least I'd like to think that "offensive geniuses" are smarter than some idealized philosophy of basketball.

If D'Antoni really is a great coach -- and if he senses the opportunity he has -- then he'll do what all great coaches do: modify the offense and defense to feature the skills of the players on the team. Maybe LA doesn't have ideal players for run-and-gun, but it's still got good players, and a really great coach would make the most of them.

So in the end I see the next few months as a real referendum on D'Antoni. Can he figure out how to make the most of what he has? We obviously won't know that until everyone's healthy. If things look ugly at the end of February I wouldn't have any problem with focusing on D12's future.