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Honestly, I'm getting so tired of hearing about how much better the Thunder are than the Lakers, I have to vent. It was painful hearing Magic Johnson constantly repeat this over and over again throughout the game. What if OKC was without Westbrook and Ibaka and Perkins was playing with a recovering back injury and they had to play against a fully healthy Lakers squad? What do you think the score would look like? Everyone keeps forgetting that we haven't really seen the Lakers at all this season. I mean, a third string point guard is the starter. Give me a break.
You are right. Westbrook is a fantastic player (and yes I still say he is "Jordan-esque" at times) and Durant is great also. Ibaka and the rest of that team are very young, athletic and talented also.

But, c'mon, stop talking about the Lakers like they're amateurs or something. Maybe this is some people's idea of motivating the Lakers, I don't know, but wtf, the Lakers have freakin' KOBE BRYANT, as well as Dwight Howard, and a lot of role players like Metta and Jamison who would star on other teams.

When healthy, they also got Nash and Gasol (I mean, just listen to that: Nash and Gasol) to add to all of that.

Sure, OKC is good and athletic, and the Lakers are somewhat older, but to say that the Lakers just "can't" and "won't" be able to defeat OKC (implying of course that if they had hired Phil and Rambis they would) is just totally totally wrong.

Anyway, all the analysts have their Laker predictions in for this season now, right? Good. Settled. They think Lakers have no chance against OKC. Fine. Got it. Let's make a note of that.

Ok, now let's play the next 60 games plus the playoffs. Let's see who's right.