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Not a chance in the world that Goldson will hit free agency. He will, at the minimum, be franchise tagged again. However, it is very likely that the 49ers and him will get something done long-term. As for the other two, they will only come back at the right price. If someone offers them more, then SF will let them go. I think Delanie Walker is more important to what SF does than Isaac Sopoaga. Delanie is an excellent blocker in the run game and his atleticism makes creates tough matchups for defenses. However, his constant drops are growing tiresome for 49ers fans.
I know you guys seem to think that. I'm not sure if it's reality or wishful thinking...the facts are you guys are not in a good place financially in regards to signing him to a big contract or franchising him for 130% of what hes making this year

NOTE- As of now, the 49ers have just over $120.594M in committed salaries for the 2013 season. If the cap is $121M,, credit of $1.643M, and carryover are added, they would have a little over $3.273M in cap room.

Not to mention there are quite a few teams out there including us, that would pay him more than SF could/