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He hasn't even seen the field yet, too crowded at WR with Crabtree, Moss, Manningham, Williams and Ginn. With Williams going down and Ginn not contributing, this is the week I hope he finally gets some real action. He and Kap had a few nice connections in the preseason. So I wouldn't say WR is an early need. We expect alot of defensive draft picks this year, both NTs could leave by FA, Goldson either will get a new deal or the tag for the last time, Rogers needs an heir at CB and Justin Smith needs an heir at DE. Gotta plan for the future.
So where is the offensive problem? I have seen quite a few games this year and it seems to be that the defense carries the team and the offense can struggle at times. I 1000% understand reloading on defense so you can stay ahead of the curve but if you had a top notch offense with this defense you would be unstoppable. I wasnt sure if Moss was thinking of retirement(especially if he wins a SB) or moves to a diff. team, Ginn is a FA at the end of the year.