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    Quote Originally Posted by PleaseBeNice View Post
    I just dont understand why you Seattle fans would want what happened to your team to happen to another... Granted it isn't the SAME situation, but we love our Kings
    Why? Because who would pass up a team just so a fan base in another city would be able to keep their team. People are greedy. TBH as long as Seattle gets a team back IDGAF about Sacramento fans, i know im a dick lol

    I had the Grizzlies AND the Sonics ripped away from me making the closest drive to an NBA game over five hours away so im bitter.

    It's hard to put yourself in someone elses shoes but I bet if the Kings move and then another team opts to move to Sacramento you wouldnt think twice about welcoming them back
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    Quote Originally Posted by freejimmer View Post
    Jimmer still being BLACK BALLED by the illuminati/homeboys...
    Quote Originally Posted by freejimmer View Post
    If Jimmer were to be given free reign offensively, the team would basically quit on the organization out of jealousy and envy. The white man is the minority in this game and the black players will be damned if the white man shows him up at his own game. Similar situation happening with Kevin Love, the team has to surround him with foreigners and whites because black players won't succumb to the greatness that is Kevin Love.

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