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    Finally, I think we are doing something about our bad play

    Bout time we get to the grindstone. Heat basketball has been frustrating to watch at times this season because we show so little effort at times. Lebron even says were not a very good team right now, and like Spo says in the article talking about not showing effort, "If it goes too long, what it becomes is a tendency. Goes longer than that, it becomes a habit. If it continues, by the time you get to the playoffs, that's who you are. So thats why were going to change right now."

    Bout time.

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    Bout ****in time
    Quote Originally Posted by JordansBulls View Post
    Hell no, he (Durant) is too humble of a player and I only like humble players.
    Quote Originally Posted by b@llhog24 View Post
    He lost with HCA, while having 5 time champion Derek Fisher coming off the bench!

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