Nice win, but it doesn't change how I view the team really. Would have been shocked with a L here, the Cavs blow.

Fact is, our team really is just that-- a team. To each other they are vocal, supportive, helpful (Pekovic telling Love he has something in his beard) and when they are winning it is a joy to see.

Love has to prove himself as a number one option on a playoff caliber team. Nice game, but it's the Cavs. Let's see him step up consistently.

Kirilenko is invaluable and irreplaceable on this roster. I can't wait to see him clash against Durant, because he's that good on D.

If Malcolm Lee can become a poor (quite poor) man's Avery Bradley/Iman Shumpert, we have ourselves a perfect roster when Rubio/Bud come back. If everyone is healthy there will be no excuse for missing the playoffs, and Love will begin to come under heavy question.

We are hovering around the 8 seed at .500, which is exactly what we need to be doing. I don't consider Love to be 100% yet, Rubio won't be for a few weeks after his initial return, so we won't be running smoothly for a while yet. But we are where we need to be. The most crucial things we need to do are to win games like these. It's a huge sports clique, but you absolutely have to win games that you're supposed to. Losses like the Bobcats loss will kill our hopes if we make a habit of it.