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    Quote Originally Posted by Sactown View Post
    It's hard when you never know when you're going to be called on, especially as the #2 pick in the draft.. Obviously that's partially his fault, but than again, last year the games were so close because of the lockout, I can only imagine it was twice as hard on rookies that year than any other year. Of course these are lots of excuses for a player who should of probably played better, but hey, I still give him the benefit of the doubt to develop into a decent NBA player, but his size and skill set is the worst kind of tweener IMO.. Hopefully they can get something for him, I always thought he'd have a hard time adjusting.

    also as you can see I kind of sway on my opinion on him, because I doubt he's going to ever be a legit starter, but I don't want to say that considering his age lol.
    watch him play, then get back to me. Not meaning that in a bad way, I am serious. He is so inconsistent, even on a possession by possession basis. He is unsure, hesitant, and just a liability at times. Rubio will help his game however, he did last season.

    If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topdog View Post
    I'd do that trade as a Wolves fan. We debate whether he can play the 3 in the Wolves forum. I think he can do a decent job and he got some run at it in pre-season. I don't think I'm out of line in paraphrasing Hawkeye as saying that D-Dub can get away with playing the 3 for a few years, but eventually will slow and will be stuck at the 4.

    Personally, I think Williams can be a much better player somewhere else where he has more opportunities and I would like the Wolves to find a young SG to grow with our core.
    Ross isnt getting any minz with Derozan starting similar problems with Williams and Love, lets make this trade happen lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by spreadeagle View Post
    Ross isnt getting any minz with Derozan starting similar problems with Williams and Love, lets make this trade happen lol
    I'll talk to Kahn at his Chanukkah party. Maybe you can call up Bryan Colangelo's dad and have Jerry make him make the trade.

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