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It's pretty rare for a rookie to be consistent for a whole season... Seems a bit unfair to ask that of him, but yes the ideal situation is for him to be dealt to another team for some veteran leadership and a more consistent player at maybe the 2? I think they should look at Orlando for maybe a swap with Afflalo, to give them some more young talent, or maybe to the Suns since they have SF/PF issues. Seems like those are two teams that would be interested in getting younger.

Haven't seen him play, but if it's true he can't play SF, he's going to have trouble in this league being 6'7 (I think)
at least play with consistent effort. That is all you can ask of a young player.

I think the team you are looking at is right, but Reddick is the guy they should target. Orlando doesn't want to pay him to stick around a rebuilding project, and he would fit perfect in Adelman's corner offense with Rubio.