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    Quote Originally Posted by smith&wesson View Post
    yes! Lin was extreamly over rated last season.

    imagine houston with harden and lowry
    Lowry to Toronto played a part in the Harden trade didn't it?

    Plus on top of that BOTH our pg's wanted out. Lowry had problems with Adleman and Dragic wanted to go back to the Suns. If i recall we offered Dragic a similar contract that Phoenix gave him but he chose them instead.

    At the time, Lin was the best option at pg available. He was a household name, and does bring revenue from the Chinese market (which we sort of lost through Yao's retirement).

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    Lakers should trade for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyman321 View Post
    Yes I was that one, why are you acting like I'm denying it? That signature was a joke you idiot, and it seems everyone on the forum besides you understood that.
    Why are you calling me an idiot? Are you unable to accept a little criticism without insulting me? If it was a joke fine, I'm sorry. It really wasn't funny.

    And, relax tough guy.
    Last edited by MonroeFAN; 12-08-2012 at 06:08 PM.
    Hey look everyone, it's "Vintage" Aaron Brooks.

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    No, not at all. Kinda feel bad for the kid that he's being examined so scrupulously all the time, but than I remember he's a multimillionaire so I don't really care that much.

    He's underperformed based on his contract, but he was in a lose-lose situation because it was going to be hard to live up to that contract anyway with all they hype that surrounded him. He'd probably be playing completely differently if Harden wasn't on the team.

    People used to ***** on the NYK forum about Melo and Lin on the court together but Harden in my opinion is even worse. That dude is a straight up ball stopper. Lin has been relegated to more of a spot up guy offensively if the ball isn't in his hands.

    But he's rebounding well and averaging a decent amount of assists (>6.) Hopefully he keeps improving.

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    Haven't seen Fields play this year, but he's obviously better than what he's doing right now. He's obviously upgrades their roster, not weakens it like Lin.
    Dwight Howard is a Top 5 Center of All-Time, no one in this league can touch him.

    The Orlando Magic are a dominant contender and are a better franchise than I ever thought possible.

    Raph12 is always right.

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    Of all time....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BKLYNpigeon View Post
    It would be a bad signing if Lin were on the Lakers, Knicks, or Heat where salary cap is essential. Lin is playing on the Rockets, they have cap room and flexibility. its only for 3 years.

    some past contracts that were worse.

    Washington - Gilbert Arenas, six-year $111 million

    Philly - Elton Brand, five-year $80 million

    Hornets - Peja Stojakovich, five-year, $64 million

    Knicks - Eddy Curry, six-year, $60 million deal

    Dallas - Raef Lafrentz, seven-year, $70 million deal

    Indiana - Jermaine O'Neil - seven-year, $70 million deal
    Portland - Brian Grant, seven-year, $86 million deal.

    Milwalkee - Vin Baker seven-year, $86 million deal.
    Denver - Kenyon Martin, seven-year max deal

    Indiana - Austin Croshere, seven-year 51 million deal.
    to be fair- some of these contracts were big contracts and maybe a touch on the high side- but the bolded players were very good players leading up to the contract.... for the most part it was just injuries that made the contracts not work out- but I dont think that makes them historically "bad signings". Some contracts dont work out- its a risk on both ends.

    Jeremy Lin is an interesting contract because as a player he is not worth that money. I think even the rockets knew they were overpaying for him (I mean they had to offer a contract that the knicks wouldnt match- think about that for a second)

    Most of the time when you are trying to steal a young a developing player away from another team that has his bird rights- you are going to overpay for him. In some cases- it makes sense to overpay for a player. Usually those cases are when he is the final piece to a contending team (Jeremy lin is not)

    Jeremy Lin could earn his money on the PR side though. A team with jeremy lin could get a tv deal with china similar to the one the lakers got with time warner. They could have jeremy lin doing weekly episodes of how he likes the nba.... he could make his franchise a ton of money.

    Its amazing that he didnt stay in Golden State for this very reason. Its amazing that the warriors owners didnt see the potential with him going to a public highschool 30 miles up the highway, and such a huge chinese population in the bay area at the games. Jeremy lin was a huge jersey seller before he even got into a game at goldenstate.

    To top it off- Jeremy lin is a decent player. I think hes a good bench combo guard, an average starter at best- but in a few yrs when hes making 15 million a yr and houston is starting a late 1st rd pick over him- this is going to be an even bigger problem.

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    LMAO I'm sorry, did somebody just say that Landry Fields upgrades a roster? Based on this season, I wouldn't want to put him on my old middle school pee wee team.

    GTFO. This thread doesn't continue properly until you GFTO

    On Russel Westbrook's Chances at Defensive Player of the Year:

    Quote Originally Posted by Money_23 View Post
    I think he has a good case. He's the only guy who can hold Durant to under 30 points a game.

    Quote Originally Posted by P&GRealist View Post
    Sometimes, perception isn't reality.

    But Tittays are forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManRamForPrez24 View Post
    I could name way more than three. Probably 100.

    Gilbert Arenas. That contract crippled the teams he was on FAR more than Lin's tiny contract in comparison will.
    Greg Oden
    Grant Hill (Magic)
    Larry Hughes (Cavs)
    Ben Wallace (Cavs)
    Eddy Curry (4 years 60 million w/ Chicago)

    Come on. He didn't deserve it, but his contract isn't that awful. He's making 5 million this year and next...and then in his final year he could have trade value as a HUGE expiring contract. You know how many crappy players make 5+ million a year? A **** ton.
    Wasn't he a superstar?

    I am a bit new to the nba and didn't see Hill play but i heard he was awesome in his prime?

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    you seem to forget that the rockets made the moves involving dragic and lowry with the plan of getting deron williams....lin was the fallback option. amazing how fast pple are willing to jump on signings and label em bad without even letting half the season play out yet.

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    what the op fails to relize is that lins contributions go far beyond the court. if the Chinese take to him like they did yao, hes going to more than pay for his contract in sales.

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    He was signed because the rockets needed to sell tickets and they thought Lin could be the face of the franchise. They banked on his potential and he hasn't worked out so far.

    He sure was more popular than dragic or Lowry. Although they have better production at the moment none are franchise players and outside of Houston nobody even talks about them.

    Lin was a bit different he was all hype but now it doesn't look too great and plus they got harden now

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammyvine View Post
    Wasn't he a superstar?

    I am a bit new to the nba and didn't see Hill play but i heard he was awesome in his prime?
    He was a less strong Lebron James style player.

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    Larry Hughes AKA LeBron's Pippen

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    Chillin at Saras' and Darlenes'
    Quote Originally Posted by the_prodigy View Post
    you seem to forget that the rockets made the moves involving dragic and lowry with the plan of getting deron williams....lin was the fallback option. amazing how fast pple are willing to jump on signings and label em bad without even letting half the season play out yet.
    Lin is just going on a half-seasons worth of NBA experience. Also, having Lowry meant no Harden.

    Lin is younger than both Lowry and Dragic who have way more experience.

    Lowry and Dragic with the Rockets was good enough for the 14th pick year after year.

    Rockets went younger and finally on a rebuilding phase which they should have done way sooner.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChI_ShIzzLe View Post
    Jimmy Butler. Best 2 way SG in the league.
    Quote Originally Posted by DaBear View Post
    Butler > Harden
    Quote Originally Posted by ChitownSports16 View Post
    Houston we have a problem.

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