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All thats definitely true, its just some of the decisions made were mind boggling to me. You speak of system but IIRC they made the decision to jettison Farmar after they already knew PJ wasn't going to be coaching, thus the triangle would no longer inhibit him. They signed an inferior player to replace him despite the fact that the superior player was shackled by the system and most likely his own youth. I just didn't see the point to expect a difference in Blake's game after years of being a journey man.

Then consider his contract, I dont know about the annual pay but they gave him a guaranteed 4 year deal. Thats just unnecessary for a player of his caliber in a market like LA. Just holding onto Farmar would have helped over the ensuing years.

I havent examined the situation fully, but it just strikes me odd that you guys have been unable to rectify the situation.
Farmar asked to leave. And actually Phil stayed the one season after he left. The question was never his basketball talent, but his hard headed ness, as Rambis and Shaw noted, he just dint listen and always had to argue with the coaches over the years over the way he thought things should be done.

As for Blake, he was wanted by the front office, and it came to him or Ridnour who actually was willing to take less money and years, 3mil per year for 3 years, but they thought Blake would fit the triangle and grow into Fishers role. You have to remember Shaw was expected to just transition in and e triangle stay in place, so Blake was brought in with the idea of living up to replacing Fisher and what he was throughout the decade, not Farmar, whose role Ridnour could have replicated