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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungStuna28 View Post
    Mejia also gets a ton of grounders. The reason Mejia hasn't been able to get more Ks is because he falls behind early in the count. He still has a high upside because of the arm.
    He also struggled for some reason out of the pen. But as a SP in AAA last year he had a 3.39 FIP and 3.90 TRA, 115 TRA+. So not awful. And obviously he was still struggling some to regain his feel coming off TJ surgery.

    I can see where his trade value isn't too high, but if the Mets deal Dickey or Niese, they intend to give Mejia a shot at the rotation, so I doubt they'd deal him off cheap right now either.

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    I think it's just a mental thing with Mejia and the TJ + the way he was handled hasn't helped. But he's still just 23 years old so he's got time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boller4prez View Post
    1. That's crazy talk. K's are one of the few things a pitcher can control.

    2. I don't see him as mid rotation type pitcher at this point. I don't see him as being better then JA Happ either right now.

    The truth is, he'd start the season in AAA for us. We also have Hutchinson and Drabek coming off injury looking to be ready to comeback midseason. Hutchinson is better then Mejia right now. Drabek it's probably a toss up.

    So Mejia would probably be 6th to start the season on our SP depth chart and 7th/8th by midseason.

    3. Yes, but the demands for catchers will always be high. To be honest I'd rather keep JPA as insurance and as a backup C and platoon option with Lind... then just give him away. He's also under control until 2017 so there really is no urgency to deal him.

    With that being said I think we'll get a much better offer then Mejia and I wouldn't be surprised if JPA is moved.
    No it's not there are plenty of effective major league SP that don't have predominantly high strikeout totals. RA before last year was one, Jeremy Hellickson, Mark Buerhle (who you guys currently have), etc etc pitched to better contact and were still very good SP.

    You don't have to put Justin Verlander type numbers in the strikeout column to get batters out consistently.

    Saying that, he's still young and a SP spot will most likely open for him next year when Santana is dealt. We'll get a better idea then what he actually is as a SP. I expect him to be a more than effective reliever to start the season for us till that rotation spot opens up.

    Catcher's values are not high when the only thing Arencibia is good at is hitting home runs. A .710 OPS (with a .275 OBP) is nothing impressive. If anything a team would be dealing for the potential that he hits better within the next 2-3 years.

    He's no spring chicken development wise either at 27 years old. His peak would be coming very soon.
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