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Yeah true, B-R would have Arencibia the best of the three. But even there look at by how much. Even if I use B-R, and only look at the last 3 years, JPA comes to 0.91 WAR per 100 games, to 0.63 per Buck, to 0.34 for Thole.

So what is he getting you, an extra half win over Thole? You guys are seriously going to give up Mejia for an extra half win? I don't think B-R is right there, but even if they were, he's not worth all that much.
This may sound old school, but JP will drive in more runs than Thole and help the offense a lot more. We need less singles hitters and more guys that could drive the ball. I think JP's defense is average, neither of the 3 are great.

The Mets need more talent. If JP can get lucky one season with BABIP, he can have a great season with the power he possesses.