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    Hear me out on this...

    Raps trade Bargs and Fields to the Lakers/ Calderon and Amir to Memphis
    Lakers trade Pau to the Raps/ Blake and MWP to the Grizz
    Grizz trade Gay to the Raps/ Conley and Bayless to the Lakers

    Lakers will get Bargs/Fields/Bayless and Conley - they are younger and can spread the floor with two quick young point guards that Nash can mentor.
    -- Howard/Bargs/Fields/Kobe/Nash(Conley/Bayless)--

    Grizz will get Calderon/ Amir/ MWP and Blake - they acquired a pass first PG/ defensive SF and a big that would align to the rumors that recently came out about them eyeing Jose and wanting another big.
    -- Marc Gasol/Randolph/MWP/Allen/Calderon--

    Raps will get Pau and Rudy - they can easily trade another big(Amir)as early as now even with Val still injured. Pau will assume that other big role for now. They get their legit 3 and go to guy in Rudy.
    -- Pau(Val still injured)/Ed/Gay/DD/Lowry--

    I know that it does not go with Hollinger's team projected win analysis(having the Grizz losing more in wins if they do the trade) but I thought the move would address their need come playoff time. Plus they get a huge 10 million expiring and the 4 year contract of Conley off their books.

    I thought its a fair move for the three teams mentioned.
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    “We’re never going to be a high-assist team”, Casey said Thursday morning during an appearance on on SN590 The Fan’s Starting Lineup, “The way DeMar plays, he gets his points off the dribble and in one-on-one situations, and it takes away from that high-assist number. But we have to get the ball moving— and knock down shots once it is.”

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