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Depends how you look at it. F-Mart wouldn't be on the field so he's out, Milledge is so bad he's in Japan because nobody wants him and only Gomez is respectable out of the three but his career OBP is putrid at .294
Fernando played over 100 games in the outfield last season. And he had an .875 OPS in AAA and .766 in MLB.

Milledge in Japan hit .300/.379/.485 with 21 homers and 65 RBI. And he walked nearly as often as he struck out.

And Gomez last year was worth 3.5 WAR; he only had a .305 OBP, but he hit 19 HR to go along with the plus defense and base running.

Not saying these guys are great. But, Lucas Duda was worth -1.1 WAR last year, Kirk was worth +0.9, Valdespin worth +0.2, and Baxter worth +1.2. Those are your options on the current roster. Are you really at all confident they are any better?

I tend to think Fernando wouldn't be at least better defensively than Duda, and will probably hit nearly as much as well. And Milledge at this point might be about as good as Kirk. Maybe he's making more money in Japan, but he's a better overall player than most of the guys who the Mets are looking at as right handed bench options.