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Acer got it. Flores can play third base and really only third base, without having his defense take away from his offense. David Wright is now a Met for life. Now is the time to sell high on Flores, and I love Flores.
I'd keep him around a little longer. There are still people out there who think he's not as good a prospect as Mike Olt.

Where I want Flores this spring training, is right there at 3B taking reps alongside David Wright. I want him following Wright around all camp. I want him working on his footwork at 3B, and convincing people by the end of this season that he can not only be an acceptable defender there, but that he can actually be good. I'm confident the bat is going to be good, he only just turned 21 a couple of months ago. You aren't going to hurt yourself hanging onto this kid until he's 22 or 23. Assuming he's ready for a big league job by then, I'm not worried about if that is going to come with another team.