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    Quote Originally Posted by Bivory View Post
    For all of you "get rid of or trade Cano" guys, I wonder what the hell you're talking about. You've all let the Yankee brass brain wash you with this 189Mill dollar cap talk. You're talking about getting rid of one of the most feared hitters in the game.

    This is the talk of a spoiled Yankee fan with little appreciation of the skills Cano brings to the table. When is the last time the Yanks had THE BEST second baseman in the world and Yankee fans asked that he be "traded"? You guys can do better than this.
    Who has a long history of lazy, unfocussed October play.

    2011 was an abberation. Is it not also 'spoiled' to retain a guy well beyond his value matrix simply to lay claim to having "the best second baseman in the game?"

    Whatever "skills" Cano brings to the table are compromised by his attitude, approach and focus. That is why he will never be a Yankee legend, only a numbers-hanger who had a high ceiling.

    Cano's piss poor postseason play (again, excepting last year) could be tolerable if not for the petulant, lack of hustle that accompanies it.

    THIS is a player primed to be a contractuial albatross on the downward slope of his probable guarenteed years.

    Trade him.

    And trade him now.....
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