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I think the frustration here is that the Mets have a dire need for three major league outfielders and all we see is other teams like the Phillies trading for major league outfielders.

Hell, as bad as our outfield was last year it might even be worse in 2013 since we've already lost our best hitting outfielder, Scott Hairston.

Now THAT's pathetic.

That said:

Scott Hairston came out of nowhere these last two seasons. Nothing in his past suggested he would ever hit like he did in 2011 and 2012. I'm betting that he will be the next player to test positive.
Yeah that's true. It makes sense to me though. Why commit to FA outfielders this season when Sandy doesn't even know if Dickey or Niese will be here. I'd really like to see some signings, but I can understand the delay.

As for Hairston, I think he surprised everyone. I've also seen reports that the Mets are trying to bring him back.