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Of course he'll prove it.

Revere is really not that good. He's a weak singles hitter with absolutely NO power at all. He had 19 extra base hits the entire yr. Ike may double that in HR's alone. He can field the CF position well, but has a terrible arm. The only thing he has going for him is he plays CF and can steal bases, and dude over there keeps saying how its harder to find a CF than 1B as if this guy is a great CF..... There's plenty of guys who can steal bases. 23 guys stole at least 30 last yr with several very close to 30. We can get speed elswhere rather than give up better and more valuable players
But its also that he is underrating Ike.

Read my post above.

Its just downright unfair to underrated Ike the way he has.

This guy had a serious injury, missed a ton of time, AND had valley fever issues.

He sucked balls for 2 months. He has been showing steady signs of improvement with the exception of that 2 month span.

He was good in the minors. He was solid his rookie year. He was off to a good start his sophomore year. And then bam! Ankle injury, valley fever, rust...all of a sudden he is trying to find his way back. He figures it out and plays well from June on.

Its unfair to underrated Ike the way he has. Ike will always have his streakiness, but he will easily prove to be far better than some people are trying to make him out to be in this forum.