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EVERYONE was under the impression that we would match just about anything. So NY could have explored a S&T. I'm not saying you were going to get back a stud player. But they could have gotten SOMETHING, HOU has ALOT of young players. And in a S&T scenario Lin would have cost HOU less. Hell they didn't want Kmart, could you imagine him on this roster? Ideal SG for us. Not sure if we could have matched salaries... but NY never even explored this because they thought all along Lin would be the starting PG. So you're giving them too much credit as if they planned this all along.

And HOU wasn't the only team interested, Lin reportedly had 3 teams lined up to speak to...

That's pretty much my point, NY didn't decide "Lin is not the real deal, let's let him go". They were backed into that position and scrambled to get Felton.
no you missed my point and i'll be clearer, if even at 5 mil for yr one Knicks would have to take back a player near that salary, who is that from Houston?

So no Knicks are in a win now mode, so going youth for multiple players who may not even make the team, Nope not happening.