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Jeter just has a couple of years left, but he's still very important to this team. C.C shouldn't even be mentioned. Tex is a gold glove first baseman who can hit 40-homers and 100-ribbies every season. If you hate Tex, then you can never be happy with a first baseman.
Being good and being overpaid are 2 different things. You can't limit the amount of money you spend, yet spend recklessly.

I only mentioned CC due to the money. I think he's a sound investment.

ARod os obviously overpaid.

So is Teix. These giant, long term contracts almost always fail. You save them for the best of the best. Teix was never the best player at his position, so IMO, not worth a 180 million dollar investment. And if he can hit 40 HRs every year, why hasn't he done it once in pinstripes? Or more than once in his career?

Jeter is overpaid due to bad negotiating. He had no other real offers on the table and NY felt the need to raise their offer. No other team in baseball would have given Jeter what HY did. So why did NY? I'm sure they could have played a little hardball and saved a few million. Which would be a few million we might have now to help improve our team.