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normally id want the draft pick but I just dont like damon oppenheimers approach to the draft so i rather stick with swisher
id rather have the draft pick i'm not crazy about Oppenheimers approach either but having extra pick at the top of the draft increases our draft pool and who knows, he's gotten lucky before

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They should trade Grandy to Rangers for Olt and then sign Hamilton. 3B of the future.
i agree with the Hamilton thing at this point but if the Ranger are very hesitant to give up Olt for 3 yrs of J up, no way they give him up for 1 yr of Grandy
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Dodgers reached an agreement with starting pitcher Ryu, who had a sub 1.50 era over like 3-4 seasons. LOL!!! And they still want Anibal.


Capuano, Harang, and Lily are a decent 3-4 type pitcher in themselves. Hahahahaha
from what ive read Ryu is more of a BP guy who's ceiling is a number 3 starter. I think they'll definitely go after another starter like Sanchez. The thing i don't get is what the hell they were thinking making Greinke the highest paid pitcher ever in terms of AAS. The have to re sign Kershaw soon are now their going to have to pay him way more than Greinke. Unless they truly don't care how much their going to spend their probably going to have to pay Kershaw 30+m over 7-8 yrs. Say hello to the first 200m dollar pitcher. Unless Texas can land Price then they'll extend him for at least that much.

The trade market isn't any better look what KC had to give up for Sheilds and Davis
We thought pitching was expensive last yr, God help us if our new MILB pitching cordinator can develop us some high end arm.
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Well, signs are pointing to this being a reality...


I can live with that for a year.
With every team in the AL East getting way better i just don't see that as a lineup that makes the playoffs. IMO Hamilton is really turning into a need if were going to be serious contenders.

If that doesn't workout i would trade Grandy now, which is probably going to happen either way. Then try to re sign Cano to a reasonable deal, if they can't find a reasonable deal, trade him for everything they can get and accelerate the rebuilding process