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    So in this entire thread only on person has responded to arguably the best post of them all which was the post made by Tredigs?

    Quote Originally Posted by tredigs View Post
    Really? I'd say dropping 37+ for a season on 48% from the field (this, as a 3rd year player, eclipsing a fg% greater than Kobe's ever reached) is already a peak higher than Kobe ever saw.

    They've also both had five 60+ point games if I'm not mistaken. Kobe did not have more like you tried to say earlier. Only, 1 of MJ's came in the playoffs. Kobe definitely never pulled that off. Having 10 scoring titles to Kobe's 2 and being the #1 regular season and playoff PPG scorer where Kobe doesn't fall in the top 5 simply destroy Kobe's argument of it being close.

    Of 50-59 point games, Jordan has 34 of those (including 7 in the playoffs and the #1, #5 and #8 in terms of efficiency). Kobe has done it 20 times, once in the playoffs, and his best efficiency game of the group ranks #12. Kobe has 7 of the 15 worst, and 10 of the 25 worst (%) 50 point games since 1986. Jordan has only 1 in the bottom 25.

    This chart lays it out clearly:

    It's not "hatred" or bias Kobe homers, it's just simply not close. He has no argument over Jordan when it comes to scoring in volume or efficiency.
    Those Kobe supporters completely ignored it since they had absolutely no rebuttal. You guys do realize that you're the only ones who are even arguing in his favour since the supporters of the other teams in the league know what the answer is already.

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    Easily Jordan...

    He had a 7 year span where he had a better scoring avg than Kobe avg in an season but one.

    Jordan had a better scoring avg in a tougher era for perimeter players (no hand checking rules, tougher bigs), w/ a much better shooting percentage, while taking few shots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye15 View Post
    Jordan actually played in an era where you could manhandle perimeter players. And yet, his efficiency takes a dump on Kobe, despite both being high volume scorers.

    Is this actually a question?

    100% correct.

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    Its just not even a comparison, it should have never been posed as a question. I dont like him at all, but it might have been a much better debate if they askedwho the better scorer was between Kobe and say Allen Iverson. I have always thought he was absurdly overrated, but in terms of scoring, thats a much better debate, and all the teenagers have actually watched these guys plaay.

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    Better Scorer: Kobe or Jordan?

    MJ in a landslide......

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